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Cookie Policy

What Are Cookies and How They Work

Cookies are small text files that websites store on your device when you visit them. They are used to remember various information about you or technical details about the location and device you used during the visit. When you load a website in your browser, it sends a cookie to your device, where it’s stored and accumulates information. Then, each time you revisit the same website, your browser sends the cookie back to the site, identifying you and providing content based on the accumulated information.

Cookies can contain different types of data depending on how the website that created them is configured. Some cookies gather information about how you use a website, such as the pages you’ve visited or the links you’ve clicked. Others may store information about your interests to show you relevant advertisements later.

Cookies can also remember details of your current website session, like login or checkout information, so you don’t have to enter your credentials each time. They can store preferences you’ve set for a specific website, such as language and font size.

It’s important to note that cookies, as files themselves, are safe and cannot execute malicious code. They are solely used to store specific data intended to improve and enhance your experience when visiting a website.

Our website’s cookies collect the following information:

Data about services added to the shopping cart to keep them stored for your convenience.
Payment method information (optional) to save you from entering it again for future purchases.
Contact form data for potential reuse during future visits.
Website visit data for statistical purposes.
Activity data during website visits for security reasons, preventing unauthorized access to protected pages and files, or any attempts to compromise the database.
Cookie Settings and Management
It’s important to note that disabling cookies may affect the functionality of this website, including features like the payment system. While it’s possible to disable cookies in your browser settings, please be aware that this may impact not only this website but also many others you visit.

If you require further information or assistance regarding cookies, please don’t hesitate to contact us.